If you’ve been on twitter at all today or in the past couple of weeks you’ve probably heard the words “show your heart.” Let me start from the beginning. At the beginning of July a Houston, Texas family were on their way home from a trip, and a car crossed into their lane crashing head on with the family. This family was the Berry family. The parents Joshua and Robin Berry were killed in this accident. The three children who were seated in the back also sustained injuries in this car crash. The two boys Peter(age 9) and Aaron(age 8) were both paralyzed below the waist. They are now receiving treatment at a Texas hospital. Upon learning this story Scooter Braun and Carin Morris immediately jumped into action. They launched the ShowYourHearts Organization as a way for people to learn about this tragic story, and allow everyone to help them. Today, July 27th of 2011, you can SHOW YOUR HEART and make a donation. Just go to to learn more and to make your donation.

It was no surprise that Justin is supporting this great cause and changing his icon seeing as Scooter is his manager. However it was a happy surprise to see that Britney Spears&Katy Perry had joined the cause and were showing their hearts! Even Lady Gaga, Diddy, Kim Kardashian, Ellen Degeneres, Chad Ochocinco, Mike Tyson and many more are joining this amazing movement.

Follow in their footsteps and go SHOW YOUR HEART!


P.S. Scooter thanks for allowing us all to help in this amazing organization. Can’t believe you made time to do something so amazing with your busy scheldule. Great to see people making a change!


just be HONEST!

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