Selena’s SECRET birthday(:


In a recent interview to E!Online Selena says her birthday will probably be dinner with her family. “Pretty boring” in her words. When asked about boyfriend, Justin Bieber, she says “I actually think he’ll be in Atlanta. But that’s Ok. We all gotta work.” Come on Selena that’s no way to spend your 19th birthday. We all know Justin’s an amazing boyfriend to Selena. We know he’s going to come through like the knight and shining armor we know him to be. One belieber, @girlleader1, even tweeted Scooter saying “SOO….wana tell us why the freak did you have justin planned to go to atlanta on SELENA’s BIRTHDAY?!?! -________-“. Scooter saw and DMed the selenator back a reply. Scooter replied with “lol. that isnt true. i dont think she said that and if she did it was to throw paps off”.


Well we hope you have an amazing birthday Selena, but now that the cats out of the bag there will definitely be NO privacy. But then again with all the paps searching for this happy couple maybe they better celebrate Sel’s birthday on another day together. Next time let Scooter in on the scheme so he can atleast back you up! haha(:

Don’t be surprised when pictures of the happy couple surface on Selena’s birthday!



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  1. Aw, that’s nice. I KNEW Justin wouldn’t miss her birthday. He just couldn’t 🙂 I’m gonna follow more selenators on Twitter because I’m tired of the beliebers saying, “Jelena is fake” “Selena’s a famewhore” “I miss Jaitlin” “Selena has no curves”. Like, stop with the hate sometimes! Gosh….

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