believe it or not?


I’m sure you are all aware of the Paige Conway drama on Twitter. Well Paige is the girl who met Justin when he surprised her at her home, and then on the Ellen show. Luck seems to keep striking this one girl. She recently met Justin again at the wedding he crashed. She was the first to tweet about it, and obviously many beliebers went crazy with envy. We have been roaming the net for a short amount of time, and found that these meeting may not have been random at all. Paige has something that sets her apart from most beliebers, and that thing is MONEY! Throughout Paige’s twitter history she has tweets such as she’s done with Justin, Selena’s not so sweet, and calling some beliebers “biebtards”. We understand this could’ve have all been done out of anger, but who knows? Recently some people have been claiming Paige was on tiny chat saying some rude things to beliebers.


You can find more photos of this alleged tinychat at Thanks @dianasarabiaa for the picture!

My opinion is that this whole tiny chat could be fake, but who knows. It could be real. Anythings possible. Anyone could get on tinychat now and claim to be Justin Bieber, Rihanna, or Lady Gaga. Without a video feed(which could also be deceiving) no one really knows. Even while on tiny chat you can change your name! I’m not saying Paige is blame free, but don’t believe everything you see or hear!


P.S.- ANYTHING you hear from @XOXOPLB is FAKE. They have no legit sources maybe one day they’ll get a life and stop hating!


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just be HONEST!

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