lies or LIES?


Lies or LIES…you choose! Apparently Justin&Selena are fake dating. Okay some of you guys have been saying that for forever! They hang out whenever they can, and their all lovey dovey so it must be fake. Maybe you just haven’t experienced LOVE yet. In the words of @thatrygood “awww c’mon”! Many are saying this is just another publicity stunt, but look at the facts. It doesn’t help Justin’s career to have a girlfriend. Record companies actually prefer him to be single it could possibly increase sales. Ever think he might actually LIKE selena. I know crazy right!(If you didn’t notice I’m using sarcasm) Dating Justin doesn’t exactly help Selena either. She’s getting so many death threats its ridiculous. I would think most girls wouldn’t want to come to her concerts, because she’s dating Justin and most of them LOVE him. Ya’ll even say she’s using Justin. Selena was already set to film for Monte Carlo before it came out that they were an “item”. If you haven’t already noticed Selena is an amazing actress! She supported Justin when his film was coming out, and like any boyfriend he returned the favor. With this couple your criticism isn’t needed!

If you didn’t see or hear the video. That was Selena shouting NEVER SAY NEVER with Justin and Kenny to the papparazzi. Sure her timing was off everytime, but it was cute. She was supporting her boyfriend! How much evidence do you need? If they spent all their time trying to prove how genuine their relationship is to everyone then they really would have no relationship!

REAL TALK ya’ll have got to STOP believing everything you hear! Scooter and Justin can’t get on Twitter, and clear up every rumor you hear everyday. There’s not enough time in the day for that! If your a true belieber or selenator you’ll figure this out. If JB or Selena didn’t say it 9 times out of 10 it isn’t true! Also to all the HATERS its alright we know HATERS GON’ HATE!


P.S.-Beliebers you’ve got to STOP with the death threats and hate! Seriously I understand the jealousy towards another fan meeting Justin when most of us haven’t, but the Paige Conway situation has went too far! She met Justin twice get over it! She doesn’t deserve hatred for her good fortune! Justin does NOT like any of his fans being attacked especially by other fans. What is this belieber on belieber crime? Also stop saying Justin will defend his fans but not his girlfriend. Selena is a celeb she will have to deal with these things without Justin’s help, however, fans don’t know about all these crazy things! #STOPtheHATE #SPREADtheLOVE


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    • and justin also gained new fans while he dated selena and still, seriously your comment is irrevelant, it’s twitter people always gain new fan,

  1. Thank you. Truth is Out. Don’t believe everything you read on tumblr or twitter. I couldn’t agree more with this article. These “sources” could be anybody. I could say, hey, “I’m Kenny’s cousin and he told me that Jelena is fake. It’s all a publicity stunt.” So, yeah. Just be happy for Justin and stop trying to “expose Jover”, people. The blog is just full of crap. I love this blog. Keep it up 🙂

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