get well Taylor:)


If you hadn’t heard by now Taylor Swift is sick. She will be postponing the rest of her Fearless tour to a later date while she is on vocal rest.


Well if you don’t have Twitter you probably haven’t see all the MAJOR love Taylor’s fans have been sending her way. On July the 9th around 2:00a.m. Central Time Taylor’s fans went in to overdrive. In a very short amount of time, but a lot of hardwork they had THREE trending topics on the Worldwide Trends list! All I can say is get well soon Taylor, but I hear your bored! My advice: GET ON TWITTER! Your fans will NOT disappoint in making you smile or laugh! Get well soon sweetie there’s a lot of people praying for you! #getwelltaylor

-@truthishout you can e-mail us at or follow us on twitter! Stay tuned for the BEST controversial blogs around!

Oh my lanta I’m still writing this blog and another Taylor Swift TT just appeared. #7millionSwifties I guess a CONGRATS is in order!


just be HONEST!

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