Long story short the ladies at @XOXOPLB were hacked by someone they believe to be ex-member Tia. The hacker took screenshots of DM’s sent to this blog and then sent them to BieberHeiress. Later BH tweeted about a upcoming blog they said “We’re gonna sleigh some hoes in our newest blog. #getready”. Well they definitely didn’t disappoint their readers! Question is did they just ruin the integrity of their blog to get some views and more hype?

I don’t know how you answered that question, but I said YES. I’m sure this was wayyyy before some of you started reading BH, but I was on Twitter the day they got hacked! The hacker was threatening to release private DM’s and i think they actually revealed a few things. After they were able to regain their site they went on a rant. Basically preaching about how wrong it was for someone to hack them, and release private information without their permission. Well though the blog was highly entertaining I think the girls at BH are just being HYPOCRITES! No I’m not saying I support XOXOPLB’s blog, because you should all know I have my own opinions on all these matters, but I do recognize when someone’s went too far!

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