PROM king&queen♥


Well If you didn’t know the TCA’s are finally here! There only a few weeks away so be sure to vote! Although for it to be so close were still waiting to find out the host. I’ll contemplate who on Earth could be the Teen Choice Awards host later. Justin Bieber is currently nominated for FIVE TCA’s while girlfriend, Selena Gomez, has been nominated for SIX TCA’s! Don’t worry none are in the same category so you won’t have to choose between your favorite in this dynamic duo.

Justin Bieber-Male Artist, Villain(Jason McCain), Male Hottie, Red Carpet Fashion Icon, Twit

Selena Gomez-Single(Who Says), Group, Love Song, Actress Comedy, Comedy(t.v. show), Female Hottie

I don’t know about the rest of you, but I really hope that Selena&Justin take home the hottie awards! It would be like them announcing prom queen & prom king! Maybe we’ll even see another magical moment between the two lovebirds!


just be HONEST!

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