Undercover Cop?!?


I’m sure you’ve all heard about the Justin Bieber Macy’s accident by now. Well here’s the story!
Apparently it was all a “misunderstandin on both parts”. Pshhh WHATEVER the misunderstanding was on ONE part and that was Tom Petterson’s!
1st of all when JB went to greet fans outside and Petterson saw things getting out of control his first thought was to tackle the most famous kid on the planet! That’s garbage and you know it! If he wanted to lend a hand he should of went up to security and identified himself not tackle Justin! He tried to help the chaos when he was the CHAOS! #notcool

2nd why would a undercover cop get himself involved in something like this? Isn’t it kind of in the job description to be…ummm let me see…UNDERCOVER!

3rd when attempting to help someone why hurt them? Not only did you not identify yourself as a cop, but you tackled a 17 year old superstar with NO forewarning! Your badge should be taken for that!

Enjoy the much deserved threats that I’m so sure your getting right now. Have you heard them? No, just log onto twitter idiot!

Also in other news Jinsu&Rob are currently suffering from a deadly disease. Its called jealousy, and they should stop trying to infect the rest of us! #getwellHATERZ

sincerely pesssst!


just be HONEST!

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