Bieber Heiress you have went too far! When I made this site I didn’t mean for it to be a Justin Bieber fansite or gossip blog I just wanted to give my honest opinions on things, but I am a major belieber so when you mess with JB you mess with me!

First of all who bashes the person that they spend all this time praising? Pulling a iJever haha:) Anyways you say all this info from these crazy sources and make Justin’s fans believe you. Saying he’s changing when all you know is what you see on you computer screen which we ALL know can be misleading! Tell me, when was the last time you talked to JB? And no I don’t mean on your computer screen. Beliebers I know Justin makes mistakes, and we all get angry but better to stand with someone at their worst than shine with them at their best! I know Justin isn’t perfect, and who am I to make excuses for him, but I will stand by him through the good&bad!

Also, you don’t know Scooter either so why repeat these stupid rumors like you actually know what your talking about! You want to trash his character on accusations you know nothing about, but you wouldn’t dare list all the good things he does, because in your mind they couldn’t be blog worthy! You wouldn’t say how amazing Scooter is with his brother Adam’s organization! You wouldn’t say all the things that the Bieber team does when they visit different places! From Extreme Makeover to giving away tickets to every show for those who couldn’t afford it! I’m not going to apologize for being the type of person that would rather help Justin at his worst than at his best when he doesn’t need it! Remember Justin is 17, and he wants to enjoy himself. When he’s trying to take a break, and he doesn’t feel like signing an autograph don’t be mad. He still loves you, but if he signs one for you then he has to sign one for the other millions, and a break would NOT be possible. Just had to get this off my chest! #isupportJB

Almost forgot I know some of you are following iJever who is now a non-belieber(LOSER)! He’s your basic hater so avoid following him, better yet just block him like Justin did! He says he reads all of his fans mail(also known as JB haterz) unlike Justin! Well I find that hilarious, because Justin gets thousands of letters each day! You iJever get like TWO a month! Who has time to read like seriously 500,000 letters a say or more? Would you rather JB stop touring&making music for a year to catch up on some fan mail? I’d probably have a heart attack!
 ღ Always,


just be HONEST!

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