cry baby!


*Update-@TheRobSwanson has now BLOCKED me on twitter so I’m pretty sure he’s read this post!I posted it the 19th and I’m now adding this 6-20-11! #BEASTMODE*

This is especially for you Rob&Jinsu from ME(@truthishout)! How dare you tweet things like “So sick of seeing shit on my timeline about her, I could care less about the bitch so shut the fuck up and move on.”(referring to Selena Gomez)

Then how dare you go to BieberHeiress crying BOO HOO! Like serious looks like your only a G at your keyboard. Even saying the biggest lie ever “My natural reaction was that I was scared; the fact someone like Scooter Braun would call me and threaten my dream of becoming a successful director had me questioning my job.” Wow! You deserve a reward for that acting…too bad we saw straight through it! You can’t be the bad boy and the victim too! Choose which role your going to play! So what you have a phone call from Scooter recorded. I think it’ll be pretty hilarious, but I’m sure whatever he said you definitely deserved! I used to think Jinsu may actually have talent, but lets face it he can only get our attention when he’s trashing Justin. Like pick a different topic dude! I think their finally getting scared their 15min. of fame are almost up. BTW Rob the whole Bieber Diss video editing sucked! Jinsu’s rap wasn’t that bad, but your director skills are seriously lacking. Also Jasmine stop acting like you don’t see what Jinsu&Rob are doing. Your only retweeting some of their tweets but your sitting right beside them when their acting all HARDCORE! People say their losing all respect for Scooter, because he stuck up for Justin and told those idiots whats up well I gained respect for him. I’m actually losing respect for Jasmine. She tweets all these things when she’s doing the complete opposite=HYPOCRITE! We know you see what’s going on!

Oh yea Rob maybe you can win a Jasminator OneZ to go along with this pacifier!

@truthishout “I speak the truth I guess that’s a foreign language to ya’ll”- Lil’ Wayne

p.s. here’s some raps I saw that I LOVEd!



reply with your own original rap!


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