Bieber Diss


Jinsu has now sunken to an all time low! Lets be honest people NONE of us were even viewing his crap until he started dissing Justin&Selena! He says he’s not jealous, and acts like Justin is a nobody. Even he knows thats a lie. He can’t seem to keep Justin nor any friends of Justin’s names out of his mouth. The only reason people are viewing it is because it disses Bieber and his team. Jinsu and Rob totally disrespected Alfredo by shooting the video at his house, and even went on to diss Lil’ Twist! ARE YOU CRAZY? I’m thinking yes! Well Jinsu check the dislikes on your “viral video” and to think you wonder why you get hate. The thing is I don’t care that Jinsu dislikes Justin. There are plenty of people that dislike JB, but could you get some views without Justin’s name in your mouth. Do that and maybe you’ll finally get some respect! One day maybe you will even get some REAL FANS instead of those Justin Bieber haters! Also a little advice Jinsu, when trying to break into the industry DO NOT insult the “big boys”! Just sit down and wait patiently for your turn I’m sure Twist, Justin, and Selena will take a break ONE day and let you&Jasmine have your 15min. of fame!

@truthishout -iPROMiSE2beHONEST

@LilTwist’s response



just be HONEST!

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