Justin vs. Jinsu


I am sure your all aware of the ongoing feud between Justin & Jinsu. What is it really about? Sources tell us that Jinsu has been talking major crap about Justin&Selena. No info yet to what caused this, but I’m guessing it has something to do with the all too short Justin&Jasmine fling. After their 5min. romance JB moved onto the beautiful Selena Gomez! However Jasmine V. also moved on to Jinsu. They all seemed to be perfectly content until Thursday June 9th. Justin finally broke his peace going on twitter to say “Some people just want attention. go sell some records bro lol” continuing “and maybe get some followers without my name in theirs before talking.” Though they were later deleted Jinsu replied with “@justinbieber i respect you more if you say my name boy boy.. Thats what real men do.. I forgot you a lil boy…” but of course our boy JB replied “Why would i say your name and bring you more attention? i dont need your respect. rookie. lol” which was also later deleted. My honest opinion is that JB was right he has NOTHING to prove to anyone! Read his book, go see the movie, count the awards, check the bank account, and watch the record sells! He’s no longer just some kid from youtube! Make fun of the hair, and say what you want because at the end of the day it doesn’t really matter. Before Jinsu can even begin to talk about Justin he needs to check himself. Another thing I noticed is that Jinsu and Rob continuously tweet that Jasmine’s about to push Selena out the way. Never once has Selena compared herself to Jasmine so why is Jasmine worried. Well my bad Jasmine has never actually said she wants to be better than Selena, but the people closest to her seem to want it badly. I’m getting tired of Jasmine pretending nothing is wrong when Jinsu and Rob are tweeting these things right beside her! Stop trying to play innocent sweetie! Also Jinsu we know your trying to get coverage, but why do it through dissing Selena who has done nothing to you? Its like when Keys did that Nicki Minaj diss everybody knew her name for a minute then nobody cared about her. Nicki didn’t even really have to reply, and she still getting money and more fans! Like seriously would you try to come in the game by dissing Lil’ Wayne? I think NOT! People would know your name for a minute then Wayne would straight up DESTROY you! Want to be really impressive try to make it without using Justin’s name, get some real fans, and maybe even some self-respect!
p.s. i got pictures coming later! In the mean time I’m sure Jinsu and Rob will entertain us with their upcoming video supposedly at Alfredo Flores’s house! Alfredo who shot Jasmine’s video Natural, and who used to be a friend of Jasmine’s. Wow this is like high school all over again, but Jasmine and Jinsu need to realize Justin is prom king, and Selena his queen. They run this school(industry) and no one is pushing them out of the way anytime soon! #justjealousy



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  1. i think justin is still inlove with jasmine and the fight is over jasmine!!!

    rob was attacking selena, jinsu tweeted that he doesnt hate selena, and he was just giving her opinion about who was prettier…

    why justin didnt attack rob (who was attacking selena?)
    why justin attacked jinsu??

    because of jas! justin is soo jealous!!!!

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